Real Estate Agents

What I offer Real Estate Agents

  1. Reports include a separate editable document, the “Repair Request List”, that lists the important issues you and your client may want addressed by the seller. Options include “Repair”, “Replace”, “Fund”, “Other”, or “Delete” with an attached photo and comment box with which to edit or add to the original report comment. Once completed, the document can be saved and sent to the seller’s agent, making the process faster and more professional.
  2. Streamlined Inspection Process for the agent and client via the Inspector Support Network (ISN). This administrative platform utilizes automated emails and SMS texts to verify inspection orders, deliver operating agreements, remind parties of inspection dates and times and to provide the finished inspection report.
  3. I have Supra Key access
  4. All the Ancillary Services Your Clients Need
  5. Inspection reports delivered within 24 hours
  6. Home Buyers Protected by InterNACHI’s Buy-Back Guarantee
  7. Weekend Appointments Available
  8. My inspection fees are $350 up to 2500 square feet.  Please refer to the Our Services page for additional services and pricing.


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