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Full Home Inspection

When you hire Gene Inspections to examine your residential property, we’ll review the following aspects when visible and accessible:



Built-In Appliances


Electrical System






Gutters and Drainage

Heating & Venting

Air Conditioner

Fireplace & Wood Stove

Plumbing System

Porches & Decks


Interior Structure

Attic & Insalation


Wall Cladding

Gene Inspections adheres strictly to TRECS’s Standards of Practice. We’re confident and committed to serving you, and offer the “Buy Back Your Home” guarantee to our clients, backed by InterNACHI

We’ll Buy Back Your Home Guarantee


If your Certified Professional Inspector® misses anything at your inspection, InterNACHI will buy back your home. This guarantee is valid for 90 days after closing, and excludes any defects not present at the time of your inspection, or items not required to be inspected under InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice.

Additional Inspections

Move-In Certified Seller Inspections

Are you selling your home? Let Gene Inspections inspect your residential property first! We’ll note any defects before you list your home so you can correct them before prospective buyers. A Move-In Certified home lets the seller confirm that there are no major systems in need of immediate repair or replacement, and shows buyers that you are dealing in good faith. Avoid last minute negotiations and delays by having your home pre-inspected by Gene Inspections.

11 Month Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Most new homes are covered by a builder’s warranty for the first 12 months after closing. Once the warranty expires, the homeowner is responsible for any repairs.  Hire Gene Inspections in the 11th month to inspect your property for any problems that may have arisen during the first year of living in your home. We’ll give you a detailed written report documenting any issues you need to discuss with your builder. Protect your investment and make sure your builder pays for any home repairs covered by your warranty.


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Home Inspection

The price for a home inspection is based on the square footage.

0000-1499 sq.ft.              $300                                                3000-3499 sq.ft.              $450
1500-1999 sq.ft.              $325                                                3500-3999 sq.ft.              $500
2000-2499 sq.ft.              $350                                                4000-4499 sq.ft               $550
2500-2999 sq.ft               $400                                                4500-5000 sq.ft               $600

Additional Services

Infrared Thermography Inspection       $75

Useful in finding overheating of electrical connections and overloaded circuits, moisture intrusion in the structure, leaks in the
plumbing system, missing insulation in exterior and attic walls, excessive air infiltration, and leaks in ventilation supply and return air ducts.

Foundation Mapping                               $75

Foundation Mapping provides elevation measurements at multiple areas of the foundation and can be used (1) as a reference measurement
to verify movement over a period of time due to foundation or soil issues, and (2) to corroborate evidence of interior and exterior structural movement.

Termite Inspection                                   $85

Pool/Spa Inspection                                 $100

Septic System Inspection                        $125

Well and Pump Inspection                      $125                                                     

Your Inspection Report

Gene Inspections uses Interspect Software’s headset voice command system, which allows us to build your report by documenting our findings through a wireless headset while we’re inspecting your property. This is an accurate and time-saving software that significantly speeds up the inspection and report processing time. Interspect follows the TREC REI 7-5 narrative report form, ensuring it will be compliant with TREC standards. Your digital report will be sent within 24 hours after we finish inspecting your home. Take a look at one of our sample reports below:



Serving the greater Houston area, including Cypress, Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Atascocita, North/West/East/South Houston & the Inner Loop.

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