Don't Risk Living in an Unsafe House

Don't Risk Living in an Unsafe House

Learn about our full home inspections in the Kingwood, Atascocita, Humble,TX area

Whether you've lived in your home for ten years or you've just moved into it, a home inspection is always a good idea. Our inspector's residential construction experience allows us to think critically about your home's structure and inspect areas other inspectors might have missed.

To learn more about our home inspection services, visit the FAQ page now. We serve the Kingwood, Atascocita, Humble,TX area.

Trust Gene Inspections for a full, thorough home inspection

Gene Inspections PLLC has performed residential inspections throughout the Kingwood, Texas area for years. When we perform your inspection, we check your:

  • Built-in appliances and electrical systems
  • Foundation and framework
  • Gutters and drainage
  • HVAC and fireplace
  • Porch and deck
  • Interior structure and plumbing system
  • Garage and attic
  • Wall cladding and roofing

Call Gene Inspections today to learn more about our full home inspections. We'll go over every aspect of your home and make sure it's safe.



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Home Inspection

The price for a home inspection is based on the square footage.

0000-1999 sq.ft. $350 | 3500-3999 sq.ft $525
2000-2499 sq.ft. $375 | 4000-4499 sq.ft $575
2500-2999 sq.ft  $400 | 4500-5000 sq.ft $625
3000-3499 sq.ft  $475 | 

Additional Services

Termite Inspection $100

Pool/Spa Inspection $100

Septic System Inspection $125

Well and Pump Inspection $125

Gene Inspections uses Interspect Software's headset voice command system, which allows us to build your report by documenting our findings through a wireless headset while we're inspecting your property. This is an accurate and time-saving software that significantly speeds up the inspection and report processing time. Interspect follows the TREC REI 7-5 narrative report form, ensuring it will be compliant with TREC standards. Your digital report will be sent within 24 hours after we finish inspecting your home. Take a look at one of our sample reports below: